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Here are some quick links to news sites to help you stay updated with what's going on in the world. In the future we'll embed news articles right here in this dropdown menu, so add Result Hunter as your homepage if that's something you're interested in.


If you've ever wanted to deep dive into some great articles on principles of limited government, freedom, and economics, this is the place to do it. Result Hunter helps you find relevant articles from these sites in the wild, or use these convenient links to do some learning!

Using Result Hunter


Did you know Result Hunter is easy to add to your mobile phone's homepage? Just browse our site on mobile and use the banner that says "Add to Home Screen".

You also can make Result Hunter your default search engine on mobile. Go into your browser settings, tap "search engine" and find and make it your default.

If you have a desktop or laptop, we have easy to install extensions for most browsers, you can't miss them!


Do you want a more scenic experience on your Result Hunter homepage? Use the menu button in the top right of your screen, click "more settings" and then toggle "show background images...".

With ResultHunter you can easily hunt down files all across the internet like PDFs, Excel files, even presentations. Example, search "filetype:pdf LG TV instruction manuals" to find all the PDF instruction manuals on the web about LG TVs. This is a great way to look for statistical and scientific studies.

For your convenience we direct searches exactly matching major brand names, like Home Depot, directly to their website. So you can visit your favorite brands and website with a convenient and short search! We will not direct informational searches about brands of course (example: Home Depot reviews).