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A VPN, or virtual private network, protects and encrypts your activity on the internet so you become much more difficult to track, find, and manipulate.

I think most people online should try to use VPNs, but conservatives get a unique and powerful benefit. The VPN I'm going to recommend for conservatives today is NordVPN (affiliate link to support Result Hunter).

1. Protect Against Bans

Conservatives have had a super rough last couple of years online, which is partially why I built Result Hunter to begin with. Many of us feel our political beliefs to simply follow the constitution and value freedom over government can lead to getting banned and blacklisted online.

Even the president of the USA got banned from Twitter and Facebook without saying anything specifically against their TOS. Now, the president is such a high profile figure he's probably going to be unable to create a new account on these platforms.

But imagine you start posting conservative content online and suddenly your IP address gets blacklisted from all of these major sites and forums. Your right to speech may not be protected even though clearly you've lost it online. 

By using a different IP address you can start fresh or avoid getting banned when one site shares you IP with another site. Or let's say you run multiple accounts on one of these sites, the platform you're using will not know they are linked.

Conservatives, try NordVPN today for a great low price for privacy!

2. Protect Against Prying Eyes

ISPs and other are allowed to track you long term and know exactly what sites you visit and information you search. I'm not paranoid and don't think they'll do anything nefarious against you with this data, but crazier things have happened in the history of the human race so for a low monthly price it's better to be safe than sorry.

Also, does anybody else in the entire world need to know that you searched for "best flavor of mayonnaise"?

3. Less Targeted Advertisements

There are actually pros and cons on the topic of advertisements when it comes to VPNs. On the one hand, when all of the businesses and websites on the web can guess what you're interested in, ads are going to become a lot more relevant. It helps innovative new products get tested and adopted in the market by the right person.

I recognize, however, that many of the people reading this hate that anybody has that level of data on them, and hate targeted advertising.

Additionally, ad automation these days inserts MORE ads when an advertiser is willing to pay enough money for that ad slot. So if there are 100 advertisers who want to pay 2 cents to target you, some sites will be loaded up with ads. Meanwhile if there are no advertisers who are confident in your data, less of these ad slots will reach their minimum bid.

There are also turds of publishers out there that decide to load up their page without any sort of bid minimum on each placement, which is just bad user experience.

4. Unblock More Content*

Some platforms offer a different set of content depending on where you live. Also depending on where you live *this might be against the law for some types of content. So basically by using a VPN you unlock more content from all of your favorite streaming platforms.

These are just some of the many reasons you would want to use a VPN. It really is inexpensive to protect yourself with a VPN, less than the cost of lunch every month. SIgn up for NordVPN here.

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