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Disclaimer: We earn money when you buy from our select partners.

Hey, its JT Smith here.

I made Result Hunter as a conservative alternative to big, leftist tech because of the way they use their power and money to influence the world.

That's why Select Partners might be the most important feature of this site.

When you switch from leftist corporations to conservative businesses, you shift the power structure in our economy.

In other words VOTE with your DOLLAR. This is how you stand up and make a difference.

Select Partners List

In your search results, we will conveniently highlight these select partners when their competitors show up. Get a head start and switch to their services today to vote with your dollars.

Phone Network - Switch from AT&T and Verizon

1. Patriot Mobile

Patriot Mobile is America’s only conservative phone network. Are you ready to ditch the woke networks? Use code SEARCH at checkout to get a $30 discount, exclusively for Result Hunter users.

Your left-wing network has full control of your data, and also donate their profits to organizations that are antithetical to your values and beliefs.

Patriot Mobile provides dependable coverage of 4G and 5G networks around the US and they relentlessly pursue amazing customer experience and fight for Christian and conservative values and causes. Switch to a Conservative Phone Network Today

Video Sharing Platform - Switch from YouTube

1. Rumble - YouTube Alternative - Sign up Here

Back in 2013, as small content creators were quickly becoming deprioritized on incumbent platforms in favor of influencers, corporations and large brands, Rumble created a video platform just like YouTube, but with free speech as THE guiding principle. Register for Your Free Account

Gold - Diversify Your Retirement Account

3. Birch Gold Group

Sometimes the government makes poor choices with the US dollar. The supply of dollars might change over time, but the supply of gold will remain very limited. I am not giving financial advice. Please do your own research. But many people do choose to diversify a fraction of their retirement or cash savings into gold in order to protect against the worst case scenarios. Claim Your Free Gold IRA Kit

Education - Political Thought - US History - Freedom

4. Liberty Classroom

You don't trust the headlines. You don't trust the leftists. But why? Do you truly know US history? Do you truly know the principles behind why we believe what we believe? It is very important for conservatives to have an understanding of why we believe what we believe, which will help you guard your heart and mind against radical leftist agendas. This will also give you a lot of insight that can help you teach further generations and friends and family. Join Liberty Classroom Courses

Your Business

Select Partners get a huge benefit. First they are listed on this page. Second, every time a competitor comes up in the auction, we recommend our conservative select partner as an alternative option. This is great for businesses and users alike.

Read the following requirements to see if you'll be eligible.

1. You're conservative and represent conservative values in your business.

2. You serve the whole US or nearly the whole US.

3. You offer an affiliate program, referral fee, or will buy leads or phone calls. Some way for us to maximize the value of the partnership. The best partners are those who can offer a cut of the final sales because then we only make money when you make money.

If this sounds like your business, fill out this form.