Conservatives often appreciate cryptocoins for the decentralization of currencies and taking power away from unconstitutional government agencies. When Congress pushes for insane amounts of spending, the government prints money and it then inflates. Without every forcing you to pay them a penny, the government takes value out of your wallet in the form of a weakened buying power. It's a hidden "tax" that all people pay and it especially hits the poor and middle class who may have more cash than other assets.

When I first heard of Bitcoin, it was worth $6 and I posted on the bitcoin forums about how cool I thought the idea of paying people in a digital currency was (I didn't buy any because I was a college student with no money). As Bitcoin has become a success and scaled it has failed to fulfill the initial value premise (because transactions are slow and fees are high) and instead has demonstrated other useful components like storing value kind of like a digital gold.

The one cryptocurrency that I currently own that I think has the highest possible chance of fulfilling the initial dreams of an incredible fast, incredibly cheap, and of course decentralized transaction machine is called Nano. The more I look into this project the more I love it. If any currency could replace the inflating US dollar it'd be something like Nano. It also happens to have a very low market cap and no inflation which could mean it goes way up in the future. 

I would not recommend putting your life savings into something like this, crypto can be quite volatile as there's a lot of money going in and out of it depending on hype levels, and there are other risks fundamental to unscaled, new technologies.

Now let's talk about exchanges. Who can conservatives trust?

Just like with every major financial decision, the most nonnegotiable part of the decision is trustworthiness that you're not getting robbed. The second crucial component is low fees, so that you save potentially thousands of dollars.

I did a lot of digging to find a trustworthy exchange with the lowest possible fees. checks all of those boxes; has a clean history and by far the cheapest overall costs. Some platforms will claim to have no transaction costs, but then take home the "spread" which is often close to 1%! That's far, far more expensive than Binance.US which publicizes their low fees. Binance also has interesting discount, and staking features as well as super detailed charts and details for the more active traders.

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