Who made Result Hunter?

My name is JT Smith, the creator of Result Hunter. My primary career is through advertising, but I spend a lot of time building and owning websites as well as creating entertainment.

What is JT's Political Bias?

I think it's super important that every information platform, whether a media network or online, provides clarity about their founder's beliefs. I am personally "conservative" in my private life, but when it comes to government I am "freedom first". I think a government's primary goal should be to protect the rights of citizens, and I believe the biggest enemies to human goals like prosperity, meaning, freedom, and even survival have been governments throughout history. Governmental corruption and oppression has been the rule, not an exception, so to think giving governments more power will work this time is insane.

Are there any investors or outside backers?

No. I've personally provided the time and money put into Result Hunter! We're not here to serve any corporations or special interest groups.

What is Result Hunter?

Result Hunter is the first serious effort to make a whole-web conservative search engine. The important phrase being "whole-web". I built this search engine to serve conservative search users, not to simply serve up conservative content. So rest assured, all of your favorite websites can be found in your daily search usage.

That means Result Hunter can REPLACE your Google or Bing search engine!

How Can I Help Grow Result Hunter?

In order improve our service and become a true competitor in the search space, we simply need more people. Tell your conservative friends and family about this search engine.

The topic of Big Tech censorship comes up all the time on local radio, which is still a bastion of free speech. So make sure to call in and mention Result Hunter as an alternative to Google when the conversation is relevant.

How does Result Hunter Compare to Google?

Let's face it, Google has amazing technology. There is a reason they beat out the competition in the early internet and has grown into a trillion dollar market cap company.

Simply put, you can't beat the size and complexity of Google's search index nor the sophistication and relevancy of their algorithms.

All of that is a fancy way of saying that I use Google's index and IMPROVE IT. You get the same relevant results across most of the web, the differentiating factor will be on political content and bad acting companies.

Basically there are two biases that are seen in Google's index that are, intentional or not, baked into their service.

The first is deranking of conservative content, despite relevancy. If every search engine ranking was based upon relevancy and quality of content, you'd see long-form and in-depth articles show in the top of the results, especially for political content. We fix this issue by providing a "ranking boost" to these deranked conservative websites.

Second is over-reliance on thin media content and clickbait. If you've ever tried a Google search for any sort of national topic or event, you'll see a "news" box at the top of the page. Not only that, but you'll also see mainstream content in the top of the natural organic results as well. The content that ranks in these sections are often 100-300 word articles, popped out in the course of 1 hour with very little editorial oversight. This content is often clickbait, and the headline may not even be supported by the content. All of the mainstream media networks are pumping out tons of these articles a day because they know Google will provide the clicks, regardless of the content. More on the topic of clickbait and thin content in the book Trust Me I'm Lying by Ryan Holiday

As a person who creates content online,  I can tell you it is incredibly difficult to rank for many competitive topics. In order to rank content you have to provide the most relevant, typically in-depth and long form copy. The more references to authoritative outside sources the better. So to see a 200 word CNN opinion article for a complex political topic ranking at the top of Google is down-right offensive to my web development instincts. We fix this by deranking, not removing, these thin-content media sites.

How Does Result Hunter Make Money?

When you do a search for a product or service online, often times you'll get an "ad block" at the top of the search engine. Advertisers bid to try to get the top spot on the ad block. We make a cut whenever one of these ads are clicked on. We also make money from select affiliate partners within the results, and within other content on the site or in communications with our users.

Can I Advertise on Result Hunter?

Right now our search ads are filled through Google's Ad Network, specially the search partners option. So when you create a campaign in Google Ads for search, you should leave the "search partners" option checked. We may use display ads in the future if something happens to our revenue stream from the search ads. However, we want to provide an "ad free" option on the site before we implement any sort of display advertising.

I run a Conservative Content Site, How Can I Get Traffic From Result Hunter?

Due to our ranking boosts and filters, all conservative sites are FAR more likely to get traffic from the same search on Result Hunter than on other search engines. For instance, if Breitbart's millions of readers used Result Hunter rather than mainstream search, Breitbart's organic search traffic would increase drastically. So it is in every conservative content site's best interest that their users use Result Hunter rather than the mainstream search engines. However, for non-political searches we try to decrease the amount of political results, even more so than Google. That way the results are actually super relevant and informative.