Safari has no options to change your default BUT we do have a great way to use Result Hunter for you.

Tap the Share button

Tap "Add to Home Screen"

Tap "Add"

Replace your Safari icon to the Result Hunter icon.

To use your Safari browser, just click the Result Hunter icon and it'll run Safari but with Result Hunter features activated.

Don't Forget

If you also have a computer that runs Chrome, Edge, or Firefox we have extensions available for you! Change those over to Result Hunter as soon as you can so you don't forget.

Safari does NOT allow you to set your own search engine or install extensions to do it, you'll have to simply use Result Hunter as your homepage. That's because Apple gets paid by Google billions of dollars to force out competition. 

For Kids

Did you know we also built to keep kids safe online? It's a great alternative to switch search engines on any devices your kids have access to. This augments the results to focus on facts, learning, stories and games. It uses safe search and has additional social network blocking and query protections for a much safer experience.