Hi, I'm JT Smith

I'm the owner and creator of Result Hunter.

I made Result Hunter because I wanted a different search experience, one with less big media articles and more articles that are straight and to the point with data and individual contributors. I wanted this without sacrificing all the more fun, entertaining, or quick fact-based searches I might conduct.

Our goal is to be the #1 search engine for people who believe in free markets, family values, and private charity.

I've intentionally built Result Hunter with my own time and money so that I can do what I think is right, rather than be influenced by investors or other stakeholders.

Is Big Tech Bad?

Let's talk about big tech search engines. They are incredible at technology. Technologically speaking, big search engines have sent the human race further toward the future.

Big tech might know your browsing activity, and may know a lot about you. But they don't know your values and your needs or what kinds of causes you'd like to support. They have their own biases, and it's important to realize that those biases are baked into their algorithms, rankings, homepage.

If they control the flow of information on the web across the globe, they control the political and social narratives.

Sidenote: There's also a ton of money in tech. The top search engine makes over $100 per US citizen from their search product! Do you trust that your $100 is being invested and donated into causes that you believe in?

Our search engine values individuals above collectives, truth over agendas, and freedom over collectivism.

If that's something you're interested in, make Result Hunter your default search and we can work toward these goals together!

How Result Hunter works

In full transparency I must tell you that Result Hunter was not built from the ground up... yet. We don't have our own multi-million dollar databases and ranking robots... yet.

Result Hunter uses some of the same underlying big tech technologies that Google uses, with a ton of safeguards and sophisticated modifications in place. Rest assured Result Hunter gets to modify the ranking algorithms and in some cases have resurfaced sources that have been unfairly down-weighted and we've down-graded sources that seem to be way too prevalent.

Result Hunter can be used with this website, but the best way to switch search engines is with the Chrome and Mozilla Firefox extensions which work on Chrome, Edge, Brave, and Firefox. I also built the Result Hunter browser for Android devices that has turned out better than I could have dreamed.

By default, your search experience is set on Safe Search: Strict. This keeps the results somewhat family friendly, although when searching for non-family friendly terms, you will still likely get results that are not family friendly. You can change the Safe Search setting using the top right menu.

Search options include Web, Images, News, and Research. We're working on more search engines all the time.

For Christians

When I first created Result Hunter I saw a clear political divide in how big tech operates. It's all one sided and I wanted to bring forth the other side.

But as time went on, as a Christian I really wanted to build something for my fellow Christians. There's not just a political gap in big tech, but also a faith gap. I wanted something to enhance purity, give me more relevant results for my values, and ultimately to lead people to Christ.

I also thought it might be unfair to those using Result Hunter to suddenly switch everything to be faith oriented. After all, Result Hunter serves a very valuable purpose as a counterbalance to leftist tech bias.

Enter the Christian search engine, Glorifind. If you're a Christian looking for a search experience, you might find this pretty special.

For Kids

I also built ABCSearch.org to keep kids safe online. Eventually all kids gain access to the internet. Parents have some control over when and how, but a lot of parents just let their kids run wild online. That's not necessarily a great idea.

ABCSearch is a great alternative to switch search engines on any devices your kids have access to. This augments the results to focus on facts, learning, stories and games. It uses safe search and has additional social network blocking and query protections for a much safer experience.

How to Support My Efforts

I'm an independent creator who is not privy to pressures of any investors.

My search engine is net positive in revenue from ads, so I just need more users. The best support I could get is if you use the search engine regularly.

Even more important, share Result Hunter wherever you know people care about freedom. That includes local radio, because there's some amazing programs out there and they have more influence than you think.

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